It was the summer of 2010, our first summer in Washington. My boys had just finished kindergarten and if I couldn’t slow down time as I had desperately been trying to do, I at least wanted to hold onto our memories. I’m a picture taker, but I wanted their words, their stories and their drawings down on paper. So, we bought two composition books and sat down with a pile of magazines, some scissors and tape to decorate the cover and starting page for their first summer of journaling. Sometimes they wrote in it only once or twice during the week and sometimes it was every other day. Their words and drawings were so sweet. Once school rolled around again, I tucked the books away in hopes of bringing them out again the next summer. And, that’s exactly what we did and have done every summer since.

I love our tradition of creating the starting page for the summer with magazine clippings. Just yesterday they made the “Summer of 2015” pages with the help of one of their best friends. I love looking back at what they’ve written. I love reliving our summer memories. It’s funny how these two little books have become so precious to me. summer_journal_01 summer_journal_03summer_journal_02summer_journal_12summer_journal_06  summer_journal_05  summer_journal_08summer_journal_07  summer_journal_09 summer_journal_11summer_journal_10

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