This month’s Twelve by Twelve blog circle theme is GROUNDED. Little did I know when I was asked to join this awesome group of women in January and be the judge for June’s theme, that I’d be knee deep in boxes, working from a makeshift cardboard box table and pleading with my hubby to put my computer on the moving truck last. But, that’s where we’re at right now and we’ll soon be off for another adventure. Life is filled with many surprises that way.

I can’t even say for sure why I chose the theme GROUNDED, it just came to me. But in the midst of all the craziness, I’ve giggled to myself thinking, “grounded, how can I be grounded at a time like this?” But, it’s my sweet boys that have been using our empty cabinets as the ultimate hiding spot in hide and seek that are keeping me grounded. My hubby, who keeps reassuring me that we’re doing the right thing moving back across the country, that is keeping me grounded. And my dear friends, who have been so incredibly supportive, that are keeping grounded. They all make me feel like I’ve hit the jackpot in life. Even though we’re currently living out of suitcases at different friends’ homes and our belongings about to trek across country, I’m feeling grounded today and it’s because the amazing people that I’m surrounded by. If I was into hashtags (and I’m not), this might call for a #blessed or a #happylifethankstothepeopleinit. Okay, that just made me laugh. moving-01 moving-02

Oh, and yes, these images were taken with my iPhone.

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