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In celebration of EIGHT years photographing fun-loving families and children, I thought I’d do something BIG! Like, giving one lucky family a photography session + digital files, BIG! Instead of making you “like” me on facebook, share my page or tweet something, I thought we could make a positive impact on the community. Which is why, with your help, I’m collecting new or gently used children’s books for High Risk Hope’s BOOKS for BABIES drive!

You might be wondering why High Risk Hope collects books for preemies and if I didn’t have twins that spent three weeks in the NICU, I might wonder myself too. Premature babies face so many challenges early on. Delays in development, especially in speech and language development are known risks. The great news, several studies show that there are many benefits to parents reading to their premature infant in the NICU… an increase in their language abilities, feeding tubes being removed sooner than other preemies and a shorter NICU stay. Being provided children’s books from High Risk Hope is truly a blessing because when you’re faced with the overwhelming stress and uncertainties of having a premature infant in the NICU, purchasing books is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. By donating a book you’re touching the lives of those in your community, big and small.

For every book donated, your name will be entered to win a photography session + the digital files from the session. This could be a session for the family, just the kiddos, your senior, you and your spouse or your four-legged fury family members.

Books must be received on or before Monday, February 15th. One winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 16th at 9am EST!

Questions you might have…

Q: If I donate more than one book, does my name get entered more times?
A: Great question! And, yes, your name will be entered equally to the amount of books you donate.

One Book = One Entry
Two Books = Two Entries
Three Books = Three Entries
Four Books = Four Entries
Five Books = Five Entries
Okay, I might be getting a little ahead of my self, but…
One Hundred Books = One Hundred Entries

I’m sure you get the point. :-)

Q: How do I get the books to you?
A: You can mail them to me, drop them off on my porch or plan a meet-up. The post office does give a shipping discount when sending books domestically, mention MEDIA MAIL. If you are wanting to mail them or drop them by, email me at for the address.

Q: Where will the session take place?
A: The session will take place in either the Tampa Bay or Seattle area. If in Tampa, the session will take place between March 1st and October 31st, 2016. If in Seattle, the session will take place during the summer months (July/August, 2016).

If you have any other questions, please email me at books-for-babies E_02

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I’ve always loved these lyrics from Renee & Jeremy’s, “Welcome to This World”

Welcome to this world
Whether you are ready or not
Welcome to this world
Come give it all that you got
Before you know it you’ll be
Singing right back to me
Welcome to this world…

They played over and over again in my head as I edited these precious sessions. Despite the serious chill in the air, snow covered ground and icicle lined barn, I just loved my afternoon capturing their maternity session. They were serious troopers and so much fun to work with. Mommy-to-be glowed like the rays from sun. It was the perfect timing. Then just a few months later, their family grew and they welcomed their sweet little prince into the world. He was just a few days old when we met and such a cuddle bug. His four-legged big brother, Emmitt, was quite the protector. He had to be right by his side, which totally melted my heart.

I’m looking forward to seeing this beautiful family again, but until then, I’ll be soaking up all the light and newness from these two sessions.

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Welcome to this world… 

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Until next time.



She had me at hello! Her four-legged furry sister did too! And, while I’m at it, I loved her parents as well. I know, I know… I’m getting carried away, but it was just one of those sessions where we didn’t plan anything out and just went for it. And, the results couldn’t be more fun and fabulous… so them! I love when that happens and being their first family session, it makes it even more special.

Until next time.



Oh, these sweet girls had me at “HELLO!” P. + E. are four months old and already have so much to say. They are adorable and snuggly and are blessed with a loving big brother, three four-legged siblings, who watched over them the entire time I was there, and the most amazing parents. Their mom (Wendy) is the studio owner of Color Me Mine (paint-your-own pottery studio) in Mill Creek, WA and their dad (Michael) is the owner of The Pest Wash in Woodinville, WA. Two places that I just LOVE! It was an honor to spend an afternoon with them this week, capturing the love and joy these beautiful little ones have brought to their home.

Until next time.