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In celebration of EIGHT years photographing fun-loving families and children, I thought I’d do something BIG! Like, giving one lucky family a photography session + digital files, BIG! Instead of making you “like” me on facebook, share my page or tweet something, I thought we could make a positive impact on the community. Which is why, with your help, I’m collecting new or gently used children’s books for High Risk Hope’s BOOKS for BABIES drive!

You might be wondering why High Risk Hope collects books for preemies and if I didn’t have twins that spent three weeks in the NICU, I might wonder myself too. Premature babies face so many challenges early on. Delays in development, especially in speech and language development are known risks. The great news, several studies show that there are many benefits to parents reading to their premature infant in the NICU… an increase in their language abilities, feeding tubes being removed sooner than other preemies and a shorter NICU stay. Being provided children’s books from High Risk Hope is truly a blessing because when you’re faced with the overwhelming stress and uncertainties of having a premature infant in the NICU, purchasing books is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. By donating a book you’re touching the lives of those in your community, big and small.

For every book donated, your name will be entered to win a photography session + the digital files from the session. This could be a session for the family, just the kiddos, your senior, you and your spouse or your four-legged fury family members.

Books must be received on or before Monday, February 15th. One winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 16th at 9am EST!

Questions you might have…

Q: If I donate more than one book, does my name get entered more times?
A: Great question! And, yes, your name will be entered equally to the amount of books you donate.

One Book = One Entry
Two Books = Two Entries
Three Books = Three Entries
Four Books = Four Entries
Five Books = Five Entries
Okay, I might be getting a little ahead of my self, but…
One Hundred Books = One Hundred Entries

I’m sure you get the point. :-)

Q: How do I get the books to you?
A: You can mail them to me, drop them off on my porch or plan a meet-up. The post office does give a shipping discount when sending books domestically, mention MEDIA MAIL. If you are wanting to mail them or drop them by, email me at for the address.

Q: Where will the session take place?
A: The session will take place in either the Tampa Bay or Seattle area. If in Tampa, the session will take place between March 1st and October 31st, 2016. If in Seattle, the session will take place during the summer months (July/August, 2016).

If you have any other questions, please email me at books-for-babies E_02

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February is Kristie Serra Photography’s anniversary month and this year we’re celebrating EIGHT years of photographing fun-loving families and children in Washington, Florida, Georgia and New England! In honor of eight years in business and a month filled with heart, I’m excited to announce the return of our ever popular PHOTOS with HEART mini sessions! This year we’re collecting books for High Risk Hope! They’re making a difference in the lives of women, who are experiencing high risk pregnancies and premature infants in the NICU through support, research, encouragement and resources. You can read more about their BOOKS for BABIES drive HERE. To book your session, email

Also, stay tuned for details on how to win a photography session + digital files for your family! And, even greater news, those who book a PHOTOS with HEART session and donate a book will be entered in the contest!photos-with-heart-2016

Until next time.



We are wrapping up the Twelve by Twelve project, a project that brought 12 photographers together to share life’s journey through our photography. Monthly themes were chosen by the Twelve’s. This month’s theme is CELEBRATE. Laurel, the talented Tampa Family Photographer behind Laurel Photography will be judging the images submitted on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page, so if you’d like to be a part of the fun, head on over.

This time of year there’s much to celebrate… a successful year, family, Christmas, the beginning of Winter (pretend it’s not 88 degrees in Florida), a fresh year on the horizon filled with new goals, dreams and hope, etc. Earlier this month we celebrated our sweet, crazy, loud, still-love-to-snuggle twelve year olds. I don’t even know how it’s possible that I have TWELVE YEAR OLDS, but I do! We celebrated with a trip to the most magical place on earth! Mickey ears were worn and many Mickey bars were consumed! We’re not new to the Disney experience, but without a doubt, this was my favorite trip to Magic Kingdom. This parenting journey is a serious adventure and getting to witness your child’s personality, thoughts and feelings develop and deepen in an incredible thing! M+A made this celebration so memorable… They could NOT contain their excitement the whole weekend! They shouldn’t though! Birthdays are so very special… especially when you’re 12!


What is the best part of having a twin?
M: You can blame your twin for something you did. Hahahah. I kid, I kid. Always having someone by your side, someone to play with.
A: Life is never, ever boring.

What do you like best about your face?
M: My mustache (rubbing his lip)! Hahahaha. I’m just kidding. My eyes, definitely my eyes.
A: My eyes.

Are you more like the sunshine, rain or thunder and why?
M: The sunshine. I help people like the sun.
A: The sunshine. I’m happy like sunshine.

Who is the silliest person you know?
M: A
A: M

What instrument do you like to play?
M: Cello
A: Violin

What games do you like to play?
M: Sorry, x-box, soccer, football and pogo stick challenge.
A: Sorry, pogo stick challenge, soccer and football.
We currently have a family pogo stick challenge going on, the current records: A: 132, M: 32 and Me: 41.  

If you had more time in the day, what would you do with it?
M: Be active outside.
A: Definitely be outside, practicing on my pogo stick or riding my bike!


Don’t stop now! Be sure to visit the blog of Rita of Infinity Photography by Rita to see what she’s celebrating.

Until next time.


Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.

-Paramahansa Yogananda

Hello friends! Time for a short break from my shooting and editing marathon going on right now to bring you this month Twelve by Twelve post, eyes. The talented Tampa Wedding and Family Photographer, Melissa of Contemporary Captures will be judging the images submitted on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page, so if you’d like to be a part of the fun, head on over.

 kristieserra_eyes_01 kristieserra_eyes_10 kristieserra_eyes_02 kristieserra_eyes_03 kristieserra_eyes_04 kristieserra_eyes_05 kristieserra_eyes_06 kristieserra_eyes_08 kristieserra_eyes_07 kristieserra_eyes_11 kristieserra_eyes_12 kristieserra_eyes_09

Keep the blog circle party going! Be sure to visit the blog of my dear friend, who happens to be a talented family photographer in South Tampa, Laurel Photography.

Until next time.



Hello Florida! I’m back.

This needed to be the first session I shared on my blog after our move back. We had all things Florida… the warm sandy beach, flamingo outfits and large beach umbrellas. Plus, two adorable sisters (one especially giggly) and the sweetest parents. The mom is an old friend that I haven’t seen in years and years. It was great to reconnect and photograph her beautiful family. We explored the beach and a nearby town. While I miss the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, I will say this about Florida, there is no lack of charm. I’m looking forward to more beach sessions, having a sandy car for a week is totally worth it.

s_01 s_02 s_03 s_04 s_05 s_06 s_07 s_08 s_09 s_10 s_11 s_12 s_13 s_14 s_15 s_16

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It’s that time again… The monthly Twelve by Twelve Project blog circle. This month’s theme is “shadows.” The lovely Rita of Infinity Photography by Rita of Tampa, Florida will be judging the images submitted on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page, so if you’d like to be a part of the fun, head on over.

If you know my work, then you know it tends to be bright and fun, so taking on a theme like “shadows” was a little more challenging then our previous monthly themes. I think it’s important as artists that we push ourselves and step out of our comfort zone every once in awhile. That’s how we grow. And ironically, the theme is pretty fitting for this place in our lives.

After a move, whether it’s near or far (ours happened to be across the country), you end up in this waiting place.

Waiting to feel at home.
Waiting for things to not look so strange.
Waiting to make new friends.
Waiting for the rain to stop.
Waiting for the sun to shine.
Just waiting.

I catch my boys peeking out of the window like this throughout the day. Tonight, the light just happened to be perfect. We heard thunder and were waiting for the rain.




Be sure to visit the blog of Rita of Infinity Photography by Rita of Tampa, Florida for her post on shadows and then follow the blog circle along.

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It was Victor Borge who said, “laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” And, I couldn’t agree more. Laughter has this magical way of knocking down walls, creating bonds and filling a room with sunshine for the soul. I just love it’s contagious power. Being a family and children photographer, half of my job is spent laughing. I mean, how could it not, when you’re working with some of the most fun-loving people around! It’s always those images that end of being my favorites from a session. I can look back at them and start giggling all over again.

Speaking of LAUGHTER that happens to be this month’s Twelve by Twelve theme, which was chosen by Jen from Shooting for Keeps Photography. She’ll be judging the images submitted on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page as well, so if you’d like to be a part of the fun, head on over.

Be sure to visit the blog of Brooke of Hamilton Creek Photography HERE for her post about “laughter” and then follow the blog circle along.

kristieserra_laughter-july_01 kristieserra_laughter-july_04 kristieserra_laughter-july_02 kristieserra_laughter-july_05 kristieserra_laughter-july_10kristieserra_laughter-july_03kristieserra_laughter-july_06kristieserra_laughter-july_07kristieserra_laughter-july_08kristieserra_laughter-july_09kristieserra_laughter-july_11

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Meet seven of the nine members of our Camera Cuties Club (they’re the cuties in the top left image below)! They’re the sweetest group of first and second graders, aspiring to be little photographers, event planners, marketing geniuses, fashion stylists and set designers (for the moment). Last weekend we pulled off our first charity photo session event… photos with HEART! These girls raised over $230 for our local animal shelter! They were by my side for every session… checking in clients, helping with props, taking polaroid pictures and making sure every kiddo left with a cookie. I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful to have them in my life! It was an incredible day filled with probably more fun then should be allowed and laughter that could be heard blocks away! I’m sure this is only the first of many special projects to come with the Camera Cuties Club, so stay tuned for future events. Oh, and the beautiful studio, a HUGE thank you to my friend, Sarah of Sarah Sweetman Photography for letting us have it for the afternoon. I just love this photography community! 


Until next time.




For some reason the Sesame Street theme song is running through my head right now: Sunny day, sweeping’ the clouds away…

Oh, how our Seattle summer was as wonderful and sunny as it gets. Probably the warmest summer here since our move from Florida. Normally, I’d be welcoming fall at this point, but I just want to hold onto the summer for a bit longer. Despite one of my kiddos breaking his arm, we packed in a serious amount of fun. Bedtimes, what’s that? Dinners became picnics. There were the occasional lunchtime concerts in the city. Day trips, go kart racing and running through the sprinkler (pre broken arm). Not to mention photographing some of the sweetest families and kiddos. And funny enough, all girls too. Other than my nutty guys, I don’t think I photographed any boys. So, girls RULED the summer!

And, speaking of girls, I just adore these three and their bunnies, ducks and sweet pup. Their love for fury and feathery friends could melt your heart. Their love for being silly could make you cry from laughter.

How lucky am I to spend a fun afternoon playing in the sun with them?!

WG_08      WG_02 WG_07WG_06WG_03WG_04 WG_05WG_01WG_14 WG_13  WG_11  WG_09WG_10WG_12

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This session proved the old saying, “third time’s a charm” is absolutely true. We planned. It rained. We planned again. More rain. Then we snuck up on this sunny afternoon like stealth ninjas. What a fantastic afternoon we had together too! This sweet family is as fun-loving as they are adorable (um, so probably 2 out of 4 of them wouldn’t appreciate me calling them adorable, but I call it like I see it). They had me cracking up the entire time. By the end of the session my cheeks hurt from all the giggling. Oh, how I love when that happens! An afternoon spent with friends and a camera in my hand is such wondrous thing!

Until next time.