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Over the next 12 Fridays you’ll meet 12 AMAZING women. Okay, I might be partial, but trust me, they don’t get more awesome than these lovely ladies. They’re moms, small business owners and philanthropists. They’ll be sharing about their struggles, their businesses, what keeps them motivated, trying to find that balance and maybe a recipe or two.

As luck would have it, a month after we moved into our new home in Tampa, Jessica and her hubby moved in across the street. She was one of my very first photography clients and soon after, one of my dearest friends. We went together like peanut butter and jelly, like milk and cookies. We navigated our way through motherhood together. We’ve shared many laughs, cries, hopes and joys. I’ve watched her beautiful family grow. She’s watched me chase Quigley down the road. A month before our move to Washington, her family moved to Colorado. So while we don’t live across the street from one another anymore, our chats continue over the phone. Every time I hear voice, it’s like we’re right back on Chestnut Grove Drive together. I don’t know what I’d do without my dear, dear friend. Her friendship is such a blessing.

So, without further ado, Meet Jessica.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi! How fun is this!! So, a little about myself….hmmm…..well since you asked….I am a wife to one adventure seeking, music loving, and non-natural enthusiast husband. Mother to three zany boys, Target shopper, Pilates junkie and lover of all things pure and natural. Early in my career I spent several years in the pharmaceutical world selling and educating doctors on prescription drugs. After a series of eye opening events and a serious change of heart, I steered another course and dove head first into the world of natural alternatives. Natural births, whole foods eating, and supporting other families in their journey is part of what drives my passion! I am so encouraged and hopeful of all the other folks out there that are looking beyond the scope of traditional medicines and into the healing powers of nature.

Q: What does a day in your life look like?

Oh, now this is interesting because I have never documented a day in my life so lets see-

6am- Alarm goes off
6:05am- Actually get out of bed, roll over the munchkin that slept beside me last night and get hit in the eye with a Monster Truck Show souvenir flag that he brought into bed.
6:15am- Go for a quick run on the treadmill.
7am-9:30am- Help my 6 year old make his “World Famous French Toast” and debate how it is not actually World Famous since this is the first time he has made it. It is actually delicious and we all enjoy a family breakfast.
9:30am- Tend to my husband who is under the weather with essential oils, tea and some love :)
10am- Play Monster Trucks and a game of Monopoly with a 2, 4 and 6 year old boy. Draining and exciting all at once.
12pm- Hit up Costco and Target. What was I thinking? Why would I ever do this on the weekend? Lesson learned.
4pm- doTerra consultation- meeting with a friend who started using essential oils for her family and discuss what to do!
6pm- Black bean and butternut squash burritos- sounds weird, tastes yummy and a success as 2 of my 3 kids took a bite.
7pm- Stories and bedtime. My first grader read a book to my younger boys-
8:30pm- Pick up the house, snuggle up with the hubs to watch a documentary called Sugar Man- amazing!
10:30pm- Check emails and prep Overnight Oatmeal in the rice cooker for breakfast.
11pm- Quick mediation before I fall fast asleep.

Q: Tell us about doTERRA.

In a nutshell, doTerra offers certified, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Sounds weird right? But essential oils have been used for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits for thousands of years throughout the world. For my family, we use them to help with ear infections, strep, the flu, colds, coughs, the croup, fever blisters, depression/anxiety, multiple sclerosis, cuts, bumps, bruises, you name it! So basically, through my company, Root Wellness, I teach folks how to become a healer in the their own home! Here is a little snip it of a video for all you visual learners :)

Q: How has using essential oils impacted your life?

Oh good gravy, we used to LIVE at the pediatrician’s office during cold and flu season. My oldest would get recurring ear infections and while I knew the mounting evidence on the harm antibiotics could do I had no other choice but to give them to my little ones. Now, I treat them with other, more natural means and we haven’t been on an antibiotic in over there years!

Q: If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, how far back would you go and what advice would it be?

Interesting. Okay, so I would go back to myself in high school and say- have fun, enjoy this time and learn all that you can! I am somewhat of a perfectionist and wish, back then, I would have been open to doing things I wasn’t perfect at but loved. Kind of corny, but true.

Q: How do you stay inspired and motivated?

Researching and learning. If I am not learning and changing I am not evolving into a better person, wife, mother and friend.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Greece- on the list! But a close second is Seattle to see Kristie.

Q: Do you have a favorite go-to weeknight dinner?

Eeeekkk- I don’t. My husband complains that I never make the same thing twice and it is true. I don’t. So, if I haven’t planned ahead and need a go-to weeknight dinner we do take out!

Q: What tips do you have for a working mom wanting to start their own business?

Figure out the why’s behind your motivation for starting your own business. Is it more money, sharing something you love with others, flexible hours? And write THAT down. Because you will have to make sacrifices (less time with your children, no sleep, you name it!) and those will keep you motivated to keep that train moving!!

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