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I’ve always loved these lyrics from Renee & Jeremy’s, “Welcome to This World”

Welcome to this world
Whether you are ready or not
Welcome to this world
Come give it all that you got
Before you know it you’ll be
Singing right back to me
Welcome to this world…

They played over and over again in my head as I edited these precious sessions. Despite the serious chill in the air, snow covered ground and icicle lined barn, I just loved my afternoon capturing their maternity session. They were serious troopers and so much fun to work with. Mommy-to-be glowed like the rays from sun. It was the perfect timing. Then just a few months later, their family grew and they welcomed their sweet little prince into the world. He was just a few days old when we met and such a cuddle bug. His four-legged big brother, Emmitt, was quite the protector. He had to be right by his side, which totally melted my heart.

I’m looking forward to seeing this beautiful family again, but until then, I’ll be soaking up all the light and newness from these two sessions.

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Welcome to this world… 

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Saying “I like these two” is like saying, “I like donuts.”  If you know me, you know I LOVE donuts. I’d have one everyday if I could. I’d wallpaper one room in my house with donut wallpaper. I’d run in a donut race every year and dress up for it too–OH WAIT, I already do that. Well, that just goes to show how much I LOVE donuts and how much I LOVE these two… because I LOVE them like I LOVE donuts. They’re two of my VERY FAVORITE PEOPLE ON EARTH! Really, they’re incredible people, who happen to carry pockets full of sunshine everywhere they go! And, now they’re going to be parents… to a sweet baby girl. Oh, little Evie has lucked out with the most loving mom + dad. I’m counting down the weeks until my trip to Tampa in April when I get to squeeze all three of them and photograph their beautiful little family. Until then, I thought I’d share some images from their visit to Seattle in January.










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Five things about this sweet couple:

  1. They had me at “hello!” One minute into our chat over the phone and I knew we’d be fast friends.
  2. I’m in love with their dog, Berdy, which they say has obsessive greeting disorder and loves belly rubs.
  3. They are going to be spectacular parents! Their little one is going to be so loved!
  4. They couldn’t be more fun-loving: pillow fights in bed, tug-a-war in the park and driving all over Seattle with me.
  5. Their little one will be here in August and I can’t wait to meet her!

Until next time.