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This month’s Twelve by Twelve theme is “nostalgia.”

a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.


My dear Grandma, who I’ve affectionately called “Gramcracker” since I was a little girl turned 89 last week. She loves the color blue and all animals. She’s read the Hunger Games series (she loved it) and just loaned me Gone Girl. She is one of ten children in her family, four have since passed. If you ask her why she’s so optimistic, she’ll tell you it’s because of the Holy Spirit. She’ll always agree to dessert first, which is probably why she’s as sweet as she is. She has the kindest, most gentle heart I know and boy am I lucky to be her granddaughter. I’m always overcome with a strong sense of nostalgia for my childhood in Massachusetts when I’m with her. I walk around her house looking and laughing at photos of the past, touching all her trinkets and treasures placed of shelves and tables. We reminisce about trips we’ve taken together, lip syncing in her living room to Christmas songs in July, my grandpa, who we lost in 1994 and our fond memories of our days spent in church together. The images below were taken a few years ago, but I can’t think of a more perfect time to share them.

The talented Amy of Apple Street Productions will be judging the images submitted on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page, so if you’d like to be a part of the fun, head on over.

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Don’t stop now! Be sure to visit the blog of my dear friend, who also happens to a talented photographer in South Tampa, Laurel Photography.

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June’s Twelve and Twelve theme was “grounded” and between packing up our house in Washington, living out of our suitcases at our dear friend’s homes for almost two weeks, our move to Florida and awaiting our moving truck and finally the internet, I’m really, really late (that’s an understatement) in announcing the June winner and a first and second runner-up. I truly loved all the submissions. Selecting just one favorite wasn’t easy, but without further ado…


Congratulations to Melissa of Contemporary Captures Photography for submitting the winning photograph for June!
Her colorful underwater image tugged at my playful heart.




Congratulations to our First Runner-Up, Brooke of Hamilton Creek Photography.



Congratulations to our Second Runner-Up, Tiffany of Tiffany Walensky Photography.


It’s not too late to join us on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page and submit an image for July’s theme, “laughter.”

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I love that this past year has taken me across the country, meeting and photographing families along the way. I met this beautiful family this past weekend in Arkansas, it was my first time visiting. I fell in love with them instantly. And their charming little town. And the ice cream we got at the end of the session. I’m still thinking about it. You’ll be seeing more of them later, but for now, enjoy this little sneak peek.

I hope you have a lovely day.