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I’m hoping you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. I totally intended on sharing this post yesterday–I had it all in my head, however, I have a sick kiddo and hubby and our day didn’t go as expected. Thought I’d take this quiet moment to myself to be THANKFUL…

for TOGETHERNESS.  Oh, how I missed my hubby those four months while he was in Los Angeles. I treasure our time together so much more now than I ever did!

for SNUGGLES.  Next month my boys will turn eight *sigh* and I feel like they’re getting further and further away from those “baby days” at a record speed. They might be too old to hold my hand while walking to school, but one thing they still love to do is snuggle. Our time right before bed is my favorite. They can never get enough snuggle time (either can I).

for LONG EARS.  As naughty as Quigley can be you’d think he’d spend more time in the dog house. I’m certain that it’s his adorable long ears that keeps him in good graces with me.

for MY HUBBY.  I still laugh occasionally that Ali and I are married. That’s only because we met when we were 15 over a three-way phone call with our mutual friend, Melissa. Who knew that 20 years later that we’d be married, living in Seattle with our twin boys and especially nutty bloodhound. I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side. Ali is an amazing man, husband and daddy. He has the ability to make me laugh even when I protest. His hugs melt me. He is the most creative and artistic person I know. He pulls off the road often and without complaining so I can take random pictures of things that catch my eye (seriously, he needs a bumper sticker: “frequent stops”). He loves me for me no matter what and I love him more than anything.

for FAMILY. There is nothing more comforting than being with those you love and I sure do LOVE my family. I miss them terribly, but I am so thankful that I’ve been able to spend time them this year. We’ve made some wonderful memories, which holds me off for a couple of months until our next visit.

for LUNCH DATES. My hubby and I have been making time once a week for a lunch date. Nothing fancy, most of time it’s he and I at home with some PB&J’s, but it’s our time and I love it!

for FRIENDS. We are blessed with an AMAZING group of friends, some one mile away and some 3,000 miles away. I treasure each and every one of them with all my heart and couldn’t imagine my life without them.

for SEASONS.  Since my move from Massachusetts to Florida as a child and Ali’s move from Virginia to Florida as a child, we have longed for seasons. There is nothing better than NOT sweating in your Halloween costume or jumping in a pile of leaves! I love that we are able to give the boys experiences that we had growing up. M + A have sledding down pat, the ice skating though, we’re still working on it!

for DOUGHNUTS. Especially the Top Pots variety. Enough said.

for TRAVEL. Actually the ability to travel. This year my travels brought me to Florida, Colorado, California, Oregon, Arizona and Arkansas. Being able to visit new places, spend time with friends + family and photograph clients (new and old) is so good for my soul. Next year, I’m hoping that Georgia, Massachusetts and New York will be on my list.

for MY BOYS. They are the absolute light of my life. They fill my heart and our home with laughter and love and the occasional scream (they’ve been known to fight with one another). They are creative, compassionate, silly, kind and hilarious.

for SUNSHINE.  Living in the sunshine state as long as I did, the sun is just something I took for granted. It was there, like it or not, almost everyday. These days, I celebrate the sun, we sing songs to try to make it come out and when it does we take full advantage of it.

for SMILES + CONNECTIONS + LAUGHTER + LOVE and the ability to capture it all in my camera. I am thankful that my clients trust me with these truly special moments. I am thankful they show up at our sessions with their hearts. I am thankful to call so many of these beautiful families my friends.

Wishing you all a weekend filled with love and laughter. I’m thankful for you all, dear friends.



My poor blog and I have a little understanding that this time of year, she (yes, my blog is a girl, with all the boys in the house, I need a girl) won’t be seeing much of me, however, as I sit here editing tonight, I couldn’t resist a little share from this recent session. Gorgeous evening light, a beautiful and equally sweet family, what more could I ask for?

Until next time.