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With our A Year In Color project wrapped up, it’s time to begin something new. Welcome the 2014 OBJECTive. A monthly photography/art project bringing photographers, photography enthusiasts and artists together to document how they see the world around them. Each month has a theme.

January: shoes
February: candy
March: letters and numbers
April: water
May: nature
June: animals
July: buildings/architecture
August: fruits and vegetables
September: transportation
October: signs
November: metal
December: books

Rules? The only one is to make the monthly theme the subject of your art. Any medium goes! We share our photos/art on our Facebook group page, our blogs and Instagram (#the2014objective). One photo, ten photos in a collage or a watercolor painting… it’s up to you and how you see the world. If you’re game for joining us, email me at and I’ll send you an invite to our group.

And, because a blog post isn’t as fun without images, I thought I’d get into the spirit of our first theme and share some of my favorite pictures of shoes. Apparently, I take a lot and I mean A LOT of pictures of shoes.

Until next time.



One year ago “A Year In Color” project was born! Inspired by Nichole Robertson’s, Paris in Color book, I started the monthly photography/art project with my hubby and a group of friends. We set out to explore the world around us a little differently, taking each month color by magnificent color.

January was white.
February was pink.
March was green.
April was yellow.
May was purple.
June was blue.
July was silver.
August was rainbow.
September was orange.
October was black.
November was brown.
December was red.

Our only rule was that the monthly color was the subject of our projects. This is my colorful collection of images. 180 images in 12 months. I will absolutely cherish these images for years to come. They’ve opened my eyes up to a fun way to examine life filled with so much color.

I’m going to miss this project, but I have a new project in mind for 2014. Sadly, it doesn’t have a catchy name just yet (we’re working on that), but my dear friend, Jen, and I worked out all the details while sitting on a bus together during a field trip chaperoning gig. Each month has a theme and any medium goes, but more about that later.

I’m excited to begin something new.

Until next time.




I love when a friendship develops with my clients, but I especially love when my clients are actually my friends to begin with. Sharing my passion for photography with my friends makes my heart soar, so this session was an extra special one to me.

When I asked my dear friend Suzette what she would want her children to remember about their childhood, her response was that she would want them to remember that their parents love them beyond words. After spending a few minutes with this sweet family, you’d know their hearts are bursting with love. What a joy it was spending an afternoon with friends while capturing this moment in their lives.     

Until next time.