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This session proved the old saying, “third time’s a charm” is absolutely true. We planned. It rained. We planned again. More rain. Then we snuck up on this sunny afternoon like stealth ninjas. What a fantastic afternoon we had together too! This sweet family is as fun-loving as they are adorable (um, so probably 2 out of 4 of them wouldn’t appreciate me calling them adorable, but I call it like I see it). They had me cracking up the entire time. By the end of the session my cheeks hurt from all the giggling. Oh, how I love when that happens! An afternoon spent with friends and a camera in my hand is such wondrous thing!

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What do you get when you bring three first graders together for a tea party? Some serious CUTENESS and a major case of the GIGGLES! Oh, these girls were SO.MUCH.FUN. to photograph. Outfit changes, contagious laughter and smiles, dancing, singing and some tree climbing… what more could you ask for? Besides throwing in an 8 week old puppy into the mix, I can think of nothing.

I left the session with the happiest heart and a desire to wear a tutu. Don’t worry though, I haven’t actually attempted to wear a tutu. What a blessing it was to photograph and spend the afternoon with these little cuties.

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Happy Friday friends! Here we are on our last week of our 12 fridays feature. I’ve absolutely loved sharing some of the AMAZING women in my life. They inspire me. I hope in their sharing about motherhood, family life and life as business owners, you’ve been inspired too.


Time to meet Ruthie…

Thank goodness for friends! They fill our lives with joy and laughter. They share in our hopes and fears. They bring so much to our lives… sunshine, experiences and even new friends. Ruthie and I were introduced by my dear friend, Jen (another AMAZING woman in my life). It was a cookie party where we met (a time where I mistakenly quadrupled my recipe and ended up with enough cookies for Santa’s workshop). I immediately adored Ruthie. She’s all things wonderful. She has a kind heart, warm smile and a contagious laugh. Plus, she’s got such a sweet family. She’s crazy creative and has an incredible eye for design and fashion. As if that’s not enough, she creates the most adorable beds, sleeping bags and bedding for dolls (like the American Girl dolls). What’s not there to love? I’m thrilled for you to meet Ruthie!

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a mom of 4 beauties..Milo 11, Tula 9, Otto 7, & Violette 4….yes, if you put those names all together you get- Tomato(until Violette came and then..well, she is maybe the cherry party of tomato)! Wonderful husband Travis and new doggie Mabel. Born and raised in Puyallup. Graduated from SPU and went into fashion/textile design. BP designer for Nordstrom Product Group. Met Travis and his furniture shop in Ballard and… fell in love! 4 kids later, we ended up in Maltby in a pretty farmy setting and I love it! I don’t have a house cleaner. I love thrifting, collecting mid century furniture, gardening, riding bikes and camping with family. I want an airstream bad!

Q. What does a day in your life look like?
My day starts with Woody The Woodpecker going to town on the metal flashing of our house at 5:45 every morning! Doggie needs to go out, and then if it’s my glorious turn to get up(Travis and I take turns at the duties)I have 1 HOUR of solitude to read some good devotions or journal. From there on out it’s pretty much NUTS! So. Many. Schedules. & Activities!!!!

Violette and I have fun doing everything together during the day whatever it is-working at school doing artsy stuff, training Mabel, sewing, or all the other miscellaneous things that come up like ortho emergencies, sick kids, neighbors horses getting loose, or the realization that there is no food in the house!

Q. Tell us about Eden & Esther and what inspired you to start your business.
I was inspired by my girls! Tula was 6 and just getting into American Girl Dolls. Of course the doll needed a bed! I love upholstered bed frames and so, that’s what I did. After about a year of her playing with it and me thinking about it, I decided to create a line of beds and accessories called Eden and Esther. There was nothing like it out there and that was my green light. Named after both my girls middle names. Working from home is the best option for us and I love that my kids can come into my little workspace, help me come up with colors to put together or sit and do homework beside me:)

Q. How do you stay balanced between being a mom and wife, owning your own business, staying involved in school and finding time for you? Any tips for those of us that struggle with this balancing act?
I still have not figured out a good laundry system or a workout regimen, let alone balance in my life! It’s hard. Learning when to say Yes and when to say No. Still Learning! And just plain saying No and being Ok with it! Lots of sleep. Being healthy. Getting a good conversation in with the hubs once a day. Having enough down time to be spontaneous with kids or family on a weekend. Retail therapy every once in awhile. Time with a girlfriend or sister. A brisk walk or run. Remembering to enjoy the crazy ride because it goes by too fast…just hold on, breath, love on my kids, and pray!

Q. What do you want your children to remember most about their childhood?
A happy home where we laughed a lot, had lots of adventures, lots of singing and dancing, and loved one another a lot! I love to journal and write funny stories about the kids. Ever so often I pull it out and read them things I wrote. Sometimes I barely remember or had totally forgotten cute events or incidents:) Priceless memories and they love hearing them!

I want them to remember that mom and dad were their biggest, craziest fans in the stands, sending them off to school with a blessing, that we made them work hard and be industrious for things they wanted, being creative with everything, and the times we got to bless or help others. It’s a tall order!

Undoubtedly they will remember the times that were NOT my finest moments! Their favorite one is when I slipped on a toy(that was covered by a blankie) and went flying down the stairs, of course I was pregnant at the time..I was so startled and shaken up I cried and screamed “I hate all these toys”! 3 little kids hearing those words and seeing mommy crying lying in a little heap on the floor- etched in their minds FOREVER!

Q. If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, how far back would you go and what advice would it be?I don’t know- there are so many…Don’t let little things get in the way. Don’t worry about what others think of me. Don’t be such a control freak!

Q. What inspires you?
I just walk into a fabric store and I start to hyperventilate because I’m so excited! Same with a good designer vintage furniture! Or finding a hidden mid century gem for cheap.

I could sew for hours or days- fabrics on their own are beautiful, but then when put with others they start to come alive and tell a story.

Besides being creative, I am inspired by others stories, my friends, my sisters, my parents, music, the view we get to have as I’m doing dishes, and the choices I get to make to be different and make a difference in this life.

I love reading to the kids- picture books or chapter…and thinking of how I will illustrate and write my own book one day while traveling around in my airstream..

The side effect to so many ideas is…lots of unfinished projects! Oh well.

Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?Today, I would say Maui for some serious R & R. After that it would be Africa for a real adventure! And can’t forget my lifelong dream of riding a bike across the USA…

Q. Do you have a favorite go-to weeknight dinner?It’s called Fred’s Rivertown Alehouse.

Q. What tips do you have for a working mom wanting to start their own business?
I say do it if it makes sense for you. I have been on the corporate side and it can wear you down terribly! It is worth it to go for the leap if you find something you love and can be committed to!! Working from home is low risk and little or no overhead. Go for it!

You’ll find Eden & Esther HERE on Etsy and also HERE on Facebook.

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