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Hello friends. This month’s Twelve by Twelve blog circle theme, soft, was chosen by the talented Patty Cannon of Sweet Plum Photography. Just saying the word, “soft” brings images of long-earred bunnies, warm light, fuzzy socks and cozy blankets to mind. Now, I’m picturing the bunny wearing fuzzy socks, wrapped in a cozy blanket, enjoying soft, warm golden light. Oh, how my mind wanders… Ha! Well, if you look up “soft” in the dictionary, there’s over 20 definitions. It’s this definition though that spoke to me:

1. a :  pleasing or agreeable to the senses :  bringing ease, comfort, or quiet

It’s the softness of light interacting with nature that brings comfort to my soul. And, especially at springtime when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.


Be sure to visit Sweet Plum Photography’s BLOG to continue the blog circle with Patty and if you’d like to share an image of your own, please visit the Twelve by Twelve Facebook Page.

Until next time.