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In celebration of EIGHT years photographing fun-loving families and children, I thought I’d do something BIG! Like, giving one lucky family a photography session + digital files, BIG! Instead of making you “like” me on facebook, share my page or tweet something, I thought we could make a positive impact on the community. Which is why, with your help, I’m collecting new or gently used children’s books for High Risk Hope’s BOOKS for BABIES drive!

You might be wondering why High Risk Hope collects books for preemies and if I didn’t have twins that spent three weeks in the NICU, I might wonder myself too. Premature babies face so many challenges early on. Delays in development, especially in speech and language development are known risks. The great news, several studies show that there are many benefits to parents reading to their premature infant in the NICU… an increase in their language abilities, feeding tubes being removed sooner than other preemies and a shorter NICU stay. Being provided children’s books from High Risk Hope is truly a blessing because when you’re faced with the overwhelming stress and uncertainties of having a premature infant in the NICU, purchasing books is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. By donating a book you’re touching the lives of those in your community, big and small.

For every book donated, your name will be entered to win a photography session + the digital files from the session. This could be a session for the family, just the kiddos, your senior, you and your spouse or your four-legged fury family members.

Books must be received on or before Monday, February 15th. One winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 16th at 9am EST!

Questions you might have…

Q: If I donate more than one book, does my name get entered more times?
A: Great question! And, yes, your name will be entered equally to the amount of books you donate.

One Book = One Entry
Two Books = Two Entries
Three Books = Three Entries
Four Books = Four Entries
Five Books = Five Entries
Okay, I might be getting a little ahead of my self, but…
One Hundred Books = One Hundred Entries

I’m sure you get the point. :-)

Q: How do I get the books to you?
A: You can mail them to me, drop them off on my porch or plan a meet-up. The post office does give a shipping discount when sending books domestically, mention MEDIA MAIL. If you are wanting to mail them or drop them by, email me at for the address.

Q: Where will the session take place?
A: The session will take place in either the Tampa Bay or Seattle area. If in Tampa, the session will take place between March 1st and October 31st, 2016. If in Seattle, the session will take place during the summer months (July/August, 2016).

If you have any other questions, please email me at books-for-babies E_02

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February is Kristie Serra Photography’s anniversary month and this year we’re celebrating EIGHT years of photographing fun-loving families and children in Washington, Florida, Georgia and New England! In honor of eight years in business and a month filled with heart, I’m excited to announce the return of our ever popular PHOTOS with HEART mini sessions! This year we’re collecting books for High Risk Hope! They’re making a difference in the lives of women, who are experiencing high risk pregnancies and premature infants in the NICU through support, research, encouragement and resources. You can read more about their BOOKS for BABIES drive HERE. To book your session, email

Also, stay tuned for details on how to win a photography session + digital files for your family! And, even greater news, those who book a PHOTOS with HEART session and donate a book will be entered in the contest!photos-with-heart-2016

Until next time.



WARNING: If you’re a Vikings or Panthers fan, this post might NOT be for you.

The northwest is indubitably (fancy word, I know, but I just had to use it to make the point) a SEAHAWKS nation! We moved to Washington as a Bucs (my hubby)-Patriots (me) family. Our boys were going into kindergarten and were more into Power Rangers at the time them they were into sports. The soccer bug bit them first (how could it not living in Seattle) and then they were introduced to Seahawk’s football. We were all hooked! We were those kind of parents who didn’t go to work and pulled their kiddos out of school to attend the Superbowl Victory Parade in 2014 and literally almost froze for six hours in the process, but loved every moment of it (maybe except for the part where we couldn’t feel our feet). Whether they win or lose, we’re in because we’re 12’s! Even after our move back to Florida this past summer, our Seahawk’s flag is proudly displayed outside, we wear blue on Friday’s and if their game isn’t televised, we’ll sit around the computer and listen to it online. Yep, TOTAL 12’s!

Of course, we’re not alone! Some of our dearest, most favorite friends in WA are huge fans too! So much so that they themed their mini session this past fall around it! We had 15 minutes (that’s it) due to soccer schedules, but I love what we got! And, apparently my boys did too because they’ve already requested our next family session be just like this one! Aren’t my friends adorable?! GO HAWKS!

segale_03 segale_20 segale_09 segale_21 segale_07

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