For my dear, dear friends, who I love with all of my heart. They’re celebrating 15 years of marriage, three kiddos, one doggie and a whole lot of love and laughter. They amaze me always and inspire me to not take life so seriously and enjoy every moment we’re given. I was there when they started dating and when they said, “I do.” I’ve watched their beautiful family grow and I love every moment I can be with them. They make my heart happy. Always have, always will.

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Hello friends (I’m waving at you)!

Well, we’ve made the 3,100 mile move back across the country and are calling Seattle home once again (YAY!), but before the last box was packed and our cars shipped out west, I finally made a visit to the Poor Porker in Lakeland, thanks to a dear photographer friend in Tampa. The talented and beautiful Laurel of Laurel Photography photographed me and my boys (oh, dear clients, I felt your pain trying to rally the kiddos and come up with decent outfits, etc.) and then I got to get behind my camera and photographed her and her sweet crew. It was HOT, I’m not going to lie, we almost melted, but delicious beignets and the fabulously funky furnishings surrounding us kept us going! Florida friends, if you’re in the Lakeland area, you’ve got to stop in, like right now. You’ll love it! And, just to tempt you, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from our little outing…

laurel_pp_01 laurel_pp_02laurel_pp_03 laurel_pp_04 laurel_pp_05 laurel_pp_06 laurel_pp_07 laurel_pp_08 laurel_pp_09 laurel_pp_10 laurel_pp_11 laurel_pp_12 laurel_pp_13 laurel_pp_14

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I don’t think there is anything more exciting as a photographer than to see your work in print! We’re talking so much excitement that when when I pulled the May edition of the new Life on Davis Islands magazine out of my mailbox, there was some happy dancing happening on my front porch. I’ll be working with the awesome Life on Davis Islands team and photographing the featured family each month. I’ll be sure to sharing a few favorites from the shoot here. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun-loving family for my first shoot. They have such a great story and fun energy that didn’t stop throughout our boating, biking, soccer adventures.


DI_May_Hotchkiss00 DI_May_Hotchkiss_43 DI_May_Hotchkiss01 DI_May_Hotchkiss04 DI_May_Hotchkiss_48 DI_May_Hotchkiss05 DI_May_Hotchkiss_22 DI_May_Hotchkiss03 DI_May_Hotchkiss_56

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In celebration of EIGHT years photographing fun-loving families and children, I thought I’d do something BIG! Like, giving one lucky family a photography session + digital files, BIG! Instead of making you “like” me on facebook, share my page or tweet something, I thought we could make a positive impact on the community. Which is why, with your help, I’m collecting new or gently used children’s books for High Risk Hope’s BOOKS for BABIES drive!

You might be wondering why High Risk Hope collects books for preemies and if I didn’t have twins that spent three weeks in the NICU, I might wonder myself too. Premature babies face so many challenges early on. Delays in development, especially in speech and language development are known risks. The great news, several studies show that there are many benefits to parents reading to their premature infant in the NICU… an increase in their language abilities, feeding tubes being removed sooner than other preemies and a shorter NICU stay. Being provided children’s books from High Risk Hope is truly a blessing because when you’re faced with the overwhelming stress and uncertainties of having a premature infant in the NICU, purchasing books is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. By donating a book you’re touching the lives of those in your community, big and small.

For every book donated, your name will be entered to win a photography session + the digital files from the session. This could be a session for the family, just the kiddos, your senior, you and your spouse or your four-legged fury family members.

Books must be received on or before Monday, February 15th. One winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 16th at 9am EST!

Questions you might have…

Q: If I donate more than one book, does my name get entered more times?
A: Great question! And, yes, your name will be entered equally to the amount of books you donate.

One Book = One Entry
Two Books = Two Entries
Three Books = Three Entries
Four Books = Four Entries
Five Books = Five Entries
Okay, I might be getting a little ahead of my self, but…
One Hundred Books = One Hundred Entries

I’m sure you get the point. :-)

Q: How do I get the books to you?
A: You can mail them to me, drop them off on my porch or plan a meet-up. The post office does give a shipping discount when sending books domestically, mention MEDIA MAIL. If you are wanting to mail them or drop them by, email me at for the address.

Q: Where will the session take place?
A: The session will take place in either the Tampa Bay or Seattle area. If in Tampa, the session will take place between March 1st and October 31st, 2016. If in Seattle, the session will take place during the summer months (July/August, 2016).

If you have any other questions, please email me at books-for-babies E_02

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February is Kristie Serra Photography’s anniversary month and this year we’re celebrating EIGHT years of photographing fun-loving families and children in Washington, Florida, Georgia and New England! In honor of eight years in business and a month filled with heart, I’m excited to announce the return of our ever popular PHOTOS with HEART mini sessions! This year we’re collecting books for High Risk Hope! They’re making a difference in the lives of women, who are experiencing high risk pregnancies and premature infants in the NICU through support, research, encouragement and resources. You can read more about their BOOKS for BABIES drive HERE. To book your session, email

Also, stay tuned for details on how to win a photography session + digital files for your family! And, even greater news, those who book a PHOTOS with HEART session and donate a book will be entered in the contest!photos-with-heart-2016

Until next time.



WARNING: If you’re a Vikings or Panthers fan, this post might NOT be for you.

The northwest is indubitably (fancy word, I know, but I just had to use it to make the point) a SEAHAWKS nation! We moved to Washington as a Bucs (my hubby)-Patriots (me) family. Our boys were going into kindergarten and were more into Power Rangers at the time them they were into sports. The soccer bug bit them first (how could it not living in Seattle) and then they were introduced to Seahawk’s football. We were all hooked! We were those kind of parents who didn’t go to work and pulled their kiddos out of school to attend the Superbowl Victory Parade in 2014 and literally almost froze for six hours in the process, but loved every moment of it (maybe except for the part where we couldn’t feel our feet). Whether they win or lose, we’re in because we’re 12’s! Even after our move back to Florida this past summer, our Seahawk’s flag is proudly displayed outside, we wear blue on Friday’s and if their game isn’t televised, we’ll sit around the computer and listen to it online. Yep, TOTAL 12’s!

Of course, we’re not alone! Some of our dearest, most favorite friends in WA are huge fans too! So much so that they themed their mini session this past fall around it! We had 15 minutes (that’s it) due to soccer schedules, but I love what we got! And, apparently my boys did too because they’ve already requested our next family session be just like this one! Aren’t my friends adorable?! GO HAWKS!

segale_03 segale_20 segale_09 segale_21 segale_07

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We are wrapping up the Twelve by Twelve project, a project that brought 12 photographers together to share life’s journey through our photography. Monthly themes were chosen by the Twelve’s. This month’s theme is CELEBRATE. Laurel, the talented Tampa Family Photographer behind Laurel Photography will be judging the images submitted on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page, so if you’d like to be a part of the fun, head on over.

This time of year there’s much to celebrate… a successful year, family, Christmas, the beginning of Winter (pretend it’s not 88 degrees in Florida), a fresh year on the horizon filled with new goals, dreams and hope, etc. Earlier this month we celebrated our sweet, crazy, loud, still-love-to-snuggle twelve year olds. I don’t even know how it’s possible that I have TWELVE YEAR OLDS, but I do! We celebrated with a trip to the most magical place on earth! Mickey ears were worn and many Mickey bars were consumed! We’re not new to the Disney experience, but without a doubt, this was my favorite trip to Magic Kingdom. This parenting journey is a serious adventure and getting to witness your child’s personality, thoughts and feelings develop and deepen in an incredible thing! M+A made this celebration so memorable… They could NOT contain their excitement the whole weekend! They shouldn’t though! Birthdays are so very special… especially when you’re 12!


What is the best part of having a twin?
M: You can blame your twin for something you did. Hahahah. I kid, I kid. Always having someone by your side, someone to play with.
A: Life is never, ever boring.

What do you like best about your face?
M: My mustache (rubbing his lip)! Hahahaha. I’m just kidding. My eyes, definitely my eyes.
A: My eyes.

Are you more like the sunshine, rain or thunder and why?
M: The sunshine. I help people like the sun.
A: The sunshine. I’m happy like sunshine.

Who is the silliest person you know?
M: A
A: M

What instrument do you like to play?
M: Cello
A: Violin

What games do you like to play?
M: Sorry, x-box, soccer, football and pogo stick challenge.
A: Sorry, pogo stick challenge, soccer and football.
We currently have a family pogo stick challenge going on, the current records: A: 132, M: 32 and Me: 41.  

If you had more time in the day, what would you do with it?
M: Be active outside.
A: Definitely be outside, practicing on my pogo stick or riding my bike!


Don’t stop now! Be sure to visit the blog of Rita of Infinity Photography by Rita to see what she’s celebrating.

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Hello friends! This poor blog seems to only get a visit from me once a month. Just know that I‘m not ignoring you, I’m shooting and editing and shooting and editing… you get the idea. So much to share, so little time. I did want to take a minute to talk about this month’s Twelve by Twelve theme, happy place.

The talented Tampa newborn and maternity photographer, Ashley of Ashley Yvonne Photography will be judging the images submitted on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page, so if you’d like to be a part of the fun, head on over.

Maybe its the gemini in me, but I have several happy places…

  • the city, especially downtown Seattle and Boston
  • driving through the country listening to Christmas music… rolling hills, barns and Dean Martin really do it for me
  • cuddled up between my sweet boys (when they’re not fighting)
  • a cozy coffee shop (not a coffee drinker, but I do love a good cup of tea)
  • an afternoon spent with dear friends
  • sitting and talking with my mom and gramcracker
  • date night with my hubby
  • family bike rides
  • working with kiddos, whether it’s doing an art lesson or photographing them
  • volunteering for a cause that’s near and dear to my heart

I really could go on and on, but I’ll spare you the extended bullet point list. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing dear friends on their beautiful farm. As I was sitting in their field surrounded by their new adorable calves with the sun shining on us, I felt like my heart could have burst with joy. I have such a soft spot for animals of all kinds and being able to photograph these sweet creatures in their environment, truly made me happy.  So, I need to add sitting in a field, photographing cows to my list of happy places!


Don’t stop now! Be sure to visit the blog of the woman behind the Twelve by Twelve project and talented family photographer, Brooke of Hamilton Creek Photography.

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Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.

-Paramahansa Yogananda

Hello friends! Time for a short break from my shooting and editing marathon going on right now to bring you this month Twelve by Twelve post, eyes. The talented Tampa Wedding and Family Photographer, Melissa of Contemporary Captures will be judging the images submitted on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page, so if you’d like to be a part of the fun, head on over.

 kristieserra_eyes_01 kristieserra_eyes_10 kristieserra_eyes_02 kristieserra_eyes_03 kristieserra_eyes_04 kristieserra_eyes_05 kristieserra_eyes_06 kristieserra_eyes_08 kristieserra_eyes_07 kristieserra_eyes_11 kristieserra_eyes_12 kristieserra_eyes_09

Keep the blog circle party going! Be sure to visit the blog of my dear friend, who happens to be a talented family photographer in South Tampa, Laurel Photography.

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This month’s Twelve by Twelve theme is “nostalgia.”

a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.


My dear Grandma, who I’ve affectionately called “Gramcracker” since I was a little girl turned 89 last week. She loves the color blue and all animals. She’s read the Hunger Games series (she loved it) and just loaned me Gone Girl. She is one of ten children in her family, four have since passed. If you ask her why she’s so optimistic, she’ll tell you it’s because of the Holy Spirit. She’ll always agree to dessert first, which is probably why she’s as sweet as she is. She has the kindest, most gentle heart I know and boy am I lucky to be her granddaughter. I’m always overcome with a strong sense of nostalgia for my childhood in Massachusetts when I’m with her. I walk around her house looking and laughing at photos of the past, touching all her trinkets and treasures placed of shelves and tables. We reminisce about trips we’ve taken together, lip syncing in her living room to Christmas songs in July, my grandpa, who we lost in 1994 and our fond memories of our days spent in church together. The images below were taken a few years ago, but I can’t think of a more perfect time to share them.

The talented Amy of Apple Street Productions will be judging the images submitted on the Twelve by Twelve Facebook page, so if you’d like to be a part of the fun, head on over.

kristieserra_SEPT_01 kristieserra_SEPT_02  kristieserra_SEPT_04 kristieserra_SEPT_05 kristieserra_SEPT_03kristieserra_SEPT_06 kristieserra_SEPT_07

Don’t stop now! Be sure to visit the blog of my dear friend, who also happens to a talented photographer in South Tampa, Laurel Photography.

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