What to Expect?

I have a very relaxed approach to photo sessions. I will NEVER ask your child to say “cheese” or look into the camera, but instead will interact with your child and capture your child being who they are — dancing, playing, jumping, laughing, living. The same goes for my family sessions! I strive to capture your true connection and the genuine love you feel for one another. My goal is for you to forget that I am even there, so the more you interact and the less you focus on me, the better. I typically spend between an hour to an hour and a half shooting, with time for breaks, snacks, etc.

I like to set the scene for my clients and then step back and wait for that silly moment, the sweet hug, a tender kiss, that fall out of your seat laughter or that look that just says it all. It’s those real moments that you will cherish forever.

t to Wear?

I’m certainly not Stacy London from What Not to Wear, but I feel clothing is a very important part of creating a wonderful portrait. I have a not-so-traditional style that lends itself to not-so-traditional clothing. I prefer when children are not in fancy, puffy dresses or stiff looking suits for photos. Children look GREAT in bold colors, textures and patterns. Newborns usually look best in just a cloth diaper, a plain onesie or in nothing at all! Families need not “match.” So, it’s okay to put away those khakis and white shirts. Dress comfortably, let your style reflect in your clothing. I am always available to help with clothing choices for your session as well. Just ask.