As a first grader obsessed with posing and taking photos of her stuffed animals and the family pets (embarrassing but true), I could never have dreamed that my love of photography would lead me to where I am now–making a career out of something I adore! Truth be told, I might not be a photographer today had I been a better subject then: I think my mother gave up on me holding still for the camera and just tossed the camera my way in frustration. Thanks, Mom!

Today, I’ve mercifully moved on from documenting my stuffed animals’ oh-so-exciting lives to subjects more befitting my current interests: children and family. A mother myself, I know all too well how quickly all the little things you truly wish to remember–a look that’s so her, the twinkle in his eyes, the really cool jump she’s just mastered–fade from memory. The newborn who fits so perfectly in your hands today will be the tween protesting, “Not another hug, Mom!” all too soon. It’s my desire to capture these moments, the ones who show who you truly are and encapsulate the sincere love you feel for one another, so that you may hold them dear forever. Also, as a big kid at heart, I capture them in a vivid, exuberant, hip, and most importantly real manner.

What else is there to know? I am the wife of my best friend from high school, who happens to be an amazingly talented artist. Mom of two decidedly silly twin boys who are the center of our world. Dog mom to one floppy-eared Quigley Adams, rescued bloodhound mix and also decidedly silly. Lover of every possible variety of donut. Mac girl. Target shopper. Breakfast for dinner enthusiast. And–oh yes–photographer to what simply must be Seattle, Tampa and New England’s loveliest (and fun-loving!) children and families. I can’t wait to count you among them!

To view my work, take a peek at the albums at the top of the website and don’t forget to visit the blog too.

xo, Kristie